Avoiding the agency trap & ADHD in Product (with Janna Bastow, CEO ProdPad, co-founder Mind the Product)

An interview with Janna Bastow. Janna is co-founder of ProdPad and Mind the Product, and inventor of the Now/Next/Later roadmap. We talk about a few things:

  • How ProdPad started as an idea to solve a problem for Janna in her Product Management job and became a company serving thousands of Product Managers
  • How date-based roadmaps are the devil and how to tackle management wanting false security
  • The perils of building features for clients, falling into the trap of being an agency instead of a product company, and never getting the chance to solve big problems
  • How Mind the Product started out and how they've pivoted to run successful events even in the middle of a pandemic (and how she misses a good flat white)
  • Janna's recent ADHD diagnosis, what that meant to her, how she's managing it, and some of the advantages and disadvantages the condition brings to Product Management
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