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Here Comes the Science Bit

An interview with Dr Nick Fine PhD, on a one-man mission to save UX by applying scientific thinking and reviving the controversial opinion that it should involve talking to users. We talk about all things UX and find out why Nick's work may have inadvertently inspired Cambridge Analytica.

You can catch up with Nick on LinkedIn: or Twitter: although the old boy finds Twitter a bit too full on so be gentle. You can also catch his YouTube lecture about Scientific Design here: Nick is also speaking at this conference, coming soon!


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The Product Singer

An interview with Pouya Jamshidiat. Pouya is an author, AI expert and self-described Product Dude working in the exciting field of genomics. Pouya talks about how he got into Product Management, some of the things he's learned and approaches that he uses to be an effective Product Manager when everyone around you has a PhD.

Catch up with Pouya on LinkedIn or Twitter

You can find the AI Book here


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Just Get Out There

An interview with Becca Vibert, Product Manager at Fiit and Product School featured speaker. Becca talks about her journey into Product Management via setting up an educational startup in Hong Kong, what she's learned along the way and how she's trying to help those following behind her.

Catch up with Becca here: or watch her Product School webinar here:

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Beyond Perseus

An interview with Saeed Khan, product leadership consultant, proud Canadian, hero-averse builder of strong product organisations.

Catch up with Saeed on LinkedIn :  or Twitter: - you can also catch "Don't Release the Kraken" here:

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