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Internet of Very Private Things

An interview with Anshuman Bagri, merchandising tycoon (retired), top quality dancer and currently redefining UX for mobile-controlled sex toys.

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Ansh's top UX tips include who you can follow on Twitter for all the awesomeness.

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Kristy’s Picks

An interview with Kristy Olinger, credit card product manager, passionate relationship builder, co-host of The Opposite of Small Talk podcast, closet Patrick Dempsey fan.

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The Product Whisperer

An interview with Marton Gaspar, neuro-atypical product leader, advocate for autism awareness in the workplace, producer of a literally secret sauce.

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Here is the thought piece mentioned in the interview about a different autistic guy's take on "allistic" (e.g. non-autistic) people:


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I, Train

A chat with Deepak Paramanand – champion marshmallow stacker, the guy putting brains in your trains, experienced product leader terrified of presenting to 10-year olds

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